Using the Extension in the Comments Only Mode


The Comments Only Mode of the Mixin for Adobe Creative Cloud and Jira allows you to connect assets you are working on in Adobe Creative applications, such as Photoshop, so that you can interact with your team, viewing existing comments and adding you own.

Comments Only mode works well if you are attaching assets using our Creative Cloud Asset Browser inside of Jira. But, it can always be used with whatever workflow you choose for getting assets into Jira or even workflows that do not send assets to Jira.

Enabling Comments Only Mode

To enable Comments Only mode, open the Settings menu and choose Configuration. Set Comments Only Mode to On, and click Save.

You can do this when you first install the extension or anytime. You can switch to Attachment mode if later decide you would like to upload assets directly from Photoshop.

Connecting an Asset

To connect an asset to a Jira issue start by hitting the the Connect [asset name] to Jira button.

Select your Jira project.

And the issue you want to attach the document to.

Click Connect to Jira and you're connected!

Once you have connected, you will see any comments that have been made on the issue. Click the "Comment" button to add your own. You also have a link to visit the issue in Jira if you want

Comments are refreshed each time you open the asset, hit the refresh icon to view any comments added after you opened it.